I have a knack for mentorship at a depth that most have never experienced. I LOVE Entrepreneurs! I love the creativity, the drive, the passion, the humility and the COURAGE that it takes to build a business. And I know how to give entrepreneurs what they need to THRIVE!

Building a profitable and sustainable business though is not as glamorous as its cracked up to be. In 2009 my husband Randy and I  left corporate world to live our dream of being entrepreneurs and carving out a life that gave us more time together. Although we LOVED our new flexibility and schedules, I  STRUGGLED "trying" a number of businesses before i found the right fit and the right formula.

I was soooo frustrated with mentors and coaches who wanted to "charge what they are worth" and yet they regurgitated the same coaching I had already heard a million times as if they had discovered some unique secret to success. Thankfully there were some high quality coaches thrown in there and I learned as much as I could from them. The rest was old fashioned trial and error.  And as you know, when  growing a business trial and error quickly becomes way too expensive both in dollars and TIME.

The truth is the "secret" to success is not a secret at all, its much of the information you already know. It is simple, its just that implementing it is unique in every business. This is why many of the webinars, workshops and cut and paste coaching you have received hasn't taken you where you want to be.

You may be attracted to my coaching if you are new to business or currently feeling stuck.  You may also still be working your  "9-5" and desperately want to transition out of it.  You have things and people in your life that require your time and attention and you need your business to be profitable and part-time not a more than full time hustle that leaves you with no steam for anything or anyone.

I will walk you through my proven success formula that will give you what you need to start and run a sustainable and profitable business. I will teach you how to simplify the process and make sense of all the "noise".  To schedule click HERE.

Love Notes

“Thank you for the great short videos full of information and encouragement”

Yuni Santana

“Renee is amazing. Her coaching took things to the next level for me. Thanks Renee.”

Jason Winters Entrepreneur, JasonWinters.Coach

“She really takes her work seriously. I just wanted a little guidance but I got even more than what I expected.”

Andrew Burrell Entrepreneur In Training

“Renee has been such an asset. She has gently guided me in the right direction as I grow my businesses. Renee keeps you motivated and shares input on how to adjust your mindset and work habits, without making it stressful . Her experience & desire to help others succeed in business and in life definitely comes through.”

Ashley Pugh Entrepreneur/Blogger, Big Little Mommy

“Renee is the best, she’s been the motivation and the clarity I’ve needed to move forward with my business.”

Kaloa Devine Entrepreneur, The Perfect Tech Partner

“Renee has been coaching me for about 6 months, helping me to become more clear at where I’m going and doing with my business, without her I would have quit already. Sometimes I think she is a mind reader, because she is coaching you on things that you are thinking but didn’t tell her. Everyone needs a Renee as a coach.”

Debbie Carroll Entrepreneur, Coach at Abrandnewfree
“Renee Hughes has a true gift as a coach! I have had the pleasure of collaborating closely with Renee over the past 2 years in business and I have seen first hand the solid connections, and trust that have promoted paradigm shifting results in her clients. Renee is changing lives and her energy is contagious. In a nutshell what you can expect when you partner with Renee as a client or business partner, (other than outstanding results), is compassion, trust, safety, and a life long friend dedicated to championing your success. “
Mel Bayol Entrepreneur, MellyBFit

“A conversation with Renee is like turning up the light in a dim room. You kinda know where you are going, but she illuminates the room so you can see clearly. She gets to know you, what you are after and offers ways to help you get to living the life you want and doing the work that matches your strengths. I went into our call looking for clarity on some work I was doing, because something just felt off. By the time the hour was up, we had come up with an idea I never would have thought of and a way to implement it using my current business. She had recommendations and introductions she shared with me to help me get started as well. She gave me permission to “break-up” with the original idea I had, because it didn’t fit my personality and my strengths and go after work I truly am passionate about. If you are looking for clarity in the work you are doing or an idea you have, don’t hesitate to work with Renee”

Brandyce Stephenson Motivational Speaker, B.Stephenson Strategies

“Renee is a gentle laser focused Business Coach. I had general thoughts of setting up a Blog as a pastime…I contacted Renee for a call regarding Blog Basics. In quick order Renee pointed the benefits of setting up a Blog as a business from the start and proceed with specific suggestions about this new path. Renee does did waste words or time in getting the bottom of why I had wanted to Blog. Our conversation quickly went from me as a pastime Blogger to me a Business Owner! As a Business Coach Renee has the ability to see a version of my Business that I myself could not see. I would highly recommend a Consult Call with Renee to any person who needs Clarify on the direction of where to take either their Business or their Business Idea.”

Amelia Roberts HealthCare Content Expert, Solutions By Amelia

Renee has been a great marketing resource for me in my business. She is reliable and consistent

Lauren Jones Real Estate Agent, Solid Source Realty

“My vote is for Renee Hughes! I know her to be a sharp go-getter in the wellness community! She serves as a powerhouse for individuals looking for a fun and educational resource, with unbiased support for sustaining good health. I make no hesitation in my recommendation of Renee.”

Vel Johnson CEO Vasaj Communications

“Renee is organized, professional, and smart. She’s also tremendously congenial to work with. I came to rely largely on her judgment….” Worked with Renee at The Carlyle Group, Full Review On Linkedin

Randal Quarles Managing Partner, Cynosure Group

“Renee is an excellent content writer and marketer. Her ability to unravel and tell a client’s story is remarkable. Not only does she bring a personal touch to every thing she does, she is the model of professionalism. Don’t miss your opportunity to work with Renee!”

Trish Murphy CEO, Trident Marketing

“Renee is an excellent resource and composite professional. She is trustworthy and passionate about the projects that she takes on. I count it a privilege to call her my partner in work and in life. If you are looking for a caring and skilled professional to work with I highly recommend her.”

Randy Hughes III Accountant & Financial Genius, Counting Pennies Inc.